Cannabis Marijuana Weed leave Candles
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Cannabis Marijuana Weed leave Candles

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We’ve all been there – we come across the burning weed and someone in the group wonders if there’s a skunk nearby. Others might be able to sniff the level of dankness. Either way, there's usually an opinion involved.

Now, cannabis and smells have teamed up in a new way that’s less likely to scrunch noses. Our Marijuana candles, fairly new to the scene, are burning their way, lighting up people's homes, lives, and hearts.


  • These tea lights are designed with marijuana leaves, they all come in standard sized tea-light containers.
  • Pure yellow candles - made with pure yellow beeswax, no dye, no additive added.
  • Pure white candles - made with pure white beeswax, no dye no additive added.
  • Every candle is handmade so it may have lighter or darker color.
  • Suitable for interiors
  • Burning time of 4+ hours



Ingredients: Beeswax, no dye, no additive

Burning Time: 4-5 hours

Jar Material: Tin


What’s included?

1 x Cannabis marijuana weed leaves Candle