CBD Artisanal Scented Soy Candle
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CBD Artisanal Scented Soy Candle

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Our Special Edition Bad Ass Smoke Slayer quickly and easily eliminates smoke and odor from marijuana and tobacco with our proprietary blend of essential oils. These candles work like magic! So, if you need to slay the funk from your flower, the stank from your skunk or the tang from when you toke, rest assured, this will do the trick!


  • These luxury candles are hand poured into beautiful green glass jars with apothecary cork tops that are hand seared with a marijuana leaf.
  • Non-toxic and safer around people, pets, and for the planet.
  • The colored glass offers superb UV protection and the cork top seals in freshness.
  • Four different smoke slaying scents to choose from..
  • Perfect gift for friends and loved ones.



Ingredients: Soy wax and plant oils etc.

Scents: Juicy Fruit (just like the gum), Flower Child (floral), Midnight Munch berry (mixed berry), and Original Gangster (fresh)


What’s included?

1 x CBD Artisanal Scented Soy Candle