Narguiles Smoking bong BD65C
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Narguiles Smoking bong BD65C

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Are you looking for a midsize hookah that will warranty executive performance, unrivaled convenience and an all-round magnificent smoking experience every time it is in use? If you are, you might want to click 'Add to Cart' now and get yourself a little piece of greatness.


  • A transparent, icy glass base and silver stem give this smoking pipe a look of style and elegance that you will fall for as soon as you see it. Yes, it is that beautiful.
  • Share a smoke with friends and family and enjoy a great time together. This silver hookah shisha pipe is just what you need to create memories that will last forever.
  • Made from sturdy metal and hard glass, this is a hookah shisha pipe that you’ll own for years to come. It is tough enough to withstand anything you put it through.
  • The hookah also features water filters that will filter out nicotine and other impurities present in the smoke, delivering with each puff safer and enjoyable smoke.
  • Durable hose also comes with the product to give you an adorable experience.



Material: Glass

Hookah main body height: about 26cm


What’s in the box?

1 x Narguiles Smoking bong BD65C