Max Strength Relief Pain Rub Cream
Max Strength Relief Pain Rub Cream
Max Strength Relief Pain Rub Cream
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Max Strength Relief Pain Rub Cream

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Deep Relief Pain Rub is a remarkably soothing recovery cream infused with powerful hemp and a proprietary blend of essential oils. It arrives ready to apply to achy muscles, joints and limbs for natural relief. This rich cream contains pure therapeutic-quality essential oils blended with anti-inflammatory hemp oil to boost muscles after an intense workout, to warm them before one, or to soothe fatigued and stressed joints and tendons whenever you need the boost.


  • SOOTHES ACHY JOINTS AND MUSCLES: Perfect for chronic aches and pains related to joints, nerves and muscles. Wake up with a pinched nerve? Use Deep Relief Pain Rub. Strain your ankle or knee going up the stairs? Use Deep Relief Pain Rub. Carpal tunnel from your desk job? Use Deep Relief Pain Rub.
  • INFUSED WITH POWERFUL HEMP: Hemp oil has natural, safe, anti-inflammatory properties that make it a powerful ally in the fight against soreness, aches and stress in the muscles, bones and joints.
  • USE BEFORE A WORKOUT TO REDUCE SORENESS: The perfect teammate for time at the gym, on a hike or during a run; this cream can be used prior to a workout to prevent the unbearable soreness in the muscles and joints that may be keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • READY & EASY TO APPLY: Easy to use and as convenient as they come, this cream can be carried with you anywhere you go; in the car, in your purse or backpack, in your first aid kit at home, at the office, in your gym bag. It can be used up to 6 times per day if needed, and makes for an unbeatable massage cream.



Ingredients: Warming Wintergreen, cool Peppermint, a kick of Clove, sweet Copaiba, grounding Frankincense and centering Fir essential oils

What’s included?

1 x Max Strength Relief Pain Rub Cream